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November 2005 Newsletter

    November 2005

Volume 5  Number 11

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Alberta Innovation Scorecard just released! Click here to view.

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Canadian Management Issues Survey, 2005-2006

On November 2nd, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) released this 30 page study subtitled "Winning Strategies for the Future."  It highlights concerns that Canadian manufacturers are currently facing, including rising energy costs, a shortage of skilled workers, high taxes and a strong Canadian dollar.


Canadians on Top of the World for Internet Purchasing

On November 2nd, the Canadian Internet Project (CIP) published the results of their survey on Internet usage in Canada for 2004.  As part of the World Internet Project, they have been studying behaviour, patterns and trends among users and non-users of the Internet.  In addition to having one of the highest percentages of online users (72%) and average time on the Internet (13.5 hrs/wk), Canadians top the international rankings Internet purchases (52%).  Please note:  to download any pdf's from the link provided above, you have to right-click and save rather than try to open it from the website.  If you have difficulties and want to receive the file directly, e-mail the editor and she'll send it along to you.


Industrial R&D Scoreboard 2005 

The Department of Trade and Industry in the UK has released its latest analysis of trends in industrial R&D companies.  Notably, it lists the top 1000 R&D companies worldwide, and found that 86% of them were located in six countries: USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France and Switzerland.  

The New Oslo is Here!

The OECD has just released the third edition of the Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Innovation Data.  In 1993, the OECD produced the first Oslo Manual, and followed it up in 1997.  It's high time that we get a new version!  It is the definitive international guide for methods of data collection and analysis in the innovation field.  This edition includes information on non-technical innovation and relationships between different innovation types.  It costs a few Euros (€24), but the 2nd edition is now available for free. 


Alberta's Really Literate

This preliminary news release from StatsCan summarizes the results from the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALSS), and reveals that the four Western Provinces (Yukon, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan) scored substantially higher than the national average for both literacy and numeracy.  The Yukon had the best results, followed closely by Alberta.  The study tested 23,000 Canadians for proficiency in prose literacy, document literacy, numeracy and problem-solving. StatsCan will release the full results of the study on November 30th.  


BioIndustry in Alberta

Prepared for the National Biotechnology Week in September of this year, BioAlberta has posted this Expanded State of the Industry Report for 2005. It provides results of a survey conducted among the 106 bioindustry companies identified as operating in Alberta (including a list of all of them at the end of the report)..  3,316 people were employed in the bioindustry in 2004, and companies generated $386M in revenues.


Corruption Perceptions Index 2005

Transparency International has released their latest findings in the perceptions of corruption from the perspective of business people and analysts from 159 countries.  Iceland received the best rating, and Canada ranked 14th (in spite of recent government shenanigans).  If you're thinking of doing business in another country, it's certainly worth taking a peek.  


Canada Slipping in Socio-Economic Indicators

According to the 10th annual publication of Performance and Potential Report from the Conference Board of Canada, Canada is losing ground against other developed nations in the areas of Economy, Innovation, Health and Society. While we still rank in the top 12 out of 23 countries surveyed, we have not made many gains over the past ten years .  You can download the complete 192 page report for free by registering with the Conference Board's e-library


Intellectual Property Commercialization in the Higher Education Sector 

Statistics Canada just released the results of their 2003 study of IP commercialization in Canadian universities.  The survey has been conducted in 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2003, and the latest results show a modest increase in the number of inventions (3%), and income from inventions, (6%), but a marked increase (28%) in amount of money spent on managing IP since 2001.  Hmmm.  


Innovation in the ICT Sector Service Industries

The Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division of Statistics Canada has published the results of the Survey of Innovation: 2003 for the ICT Sector.  Notably, 40% of respondents claimed innovations that were novel to Canada, with 21% reporting a world-first innovation.  Most innovations centered around product development, rather than process development.  You can also now get the results relating to innovation in the Mining and Forestry, Transportation, and Professional Scientific and Technical Services sectors. 


CONNECTIONS Global Forum on Trade and Investment: Corporate Strategic Responses

Toronto, Ontario: November 30 - December 1, 2005

This forum is a collaborative effort between the Conference Board of Canada, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC).  Trade policy experts, corporate leaders and international trade negotiators will offer their views on effective strategies for dealing with the global marketplace.


CAN>WIN 2005

Ottawa, Ontario: December 6, 2005

Hosted by Microsoft Canada and the Conference Board of Canada, the theme of this conference is "Canada in the World:  Economic Prosperity and Productivity through Innovation and Skilled Worksforce."


Gamble on the THECIS and CCAT Networking Event

Calgary, Alberta:  December 7, 2005

This Christmas networking event promises to exercise your risk management strategies at the Calgary Stampede Casino.  THESIS is teaming up with the Calgary Council of Advanced Technology (CCAT) to invite you to meet your local innovation-minded cohorts while receiving a valuable primer on the fundamentals of blackjack from the casino dealers.  The $15 ticket also includes a buffet dinner, a free drink, and the opportunity to play the tables.


IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS 2006)

San Diego, California: January 17-19, 2006

Evolving out of the Radio and Wireless Conferences (RAWCON), the first annual Radio and Wireless Symposium will be the highlight of MTT Wireless Week, featuring information on wireless systems, applications and technologies.  The RWS will include oral and poster presentations, workshops and panels, as well as a commercial exhibition.    


BioAlberta's AGM and Awards Gala 

Edmonton, Alberta: January 19, 2006

BioAlberta will be hosting its 6th annual AGM and Awards Gala at the Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton.  A request for award nominations submissions will be available in the next newsletter.  


AAAS Annual Meeting

St. Louis, Missouri:  February 16-20, 2006

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has been meeting annually since 1848, and next year's conference promises to be a science and technology extravaganza, billing itself as "the world's largest and most innovative general science conference."  Over 200 symposia, plenary lectures, topical lectures and seminars will be held on almost every topic conceivable in the realm of science. 


Advancing the Canadian Bioeconomy

Vancouver, BC: February 8-10, 2006

Hosted by the British Columbia BioProducts Association, this conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with industry, academia and government and to participate in a tradeshow and exhibition showcasing emerging bioproduct technologies.


The Big Nano Conference

Boston, Massachusetts:  May 7-11, 2006

The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) is holding its 8th annual conference, promising to continue to provide the world's largest gathering of experts in nanotech and bionano.  In addition to an enormous exposition, there are scheduled industry sessions addressing the topics of: electronics, computation, design & modeling, telecommunications, displays & optics, health sciences, nano biotechnology, personal care, food, polymers, materials, surface science, coatings, transportation, environment, and energy. If you like nano, you really should go.   The call for abstracts is November 18, 2006.  Hope you didn't miss it!


International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 2006)

New York, New York: June 8-10, 2006

The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) of IEEE will focus on disaster preparedness and recovery.  The deadline for abstracts in the call for papers is January 4, 2006.


InnoWest 2006
Edmonton, November 28-29 2006
Advance notice that InnOWest 2006 will be held in EDmonton next year. Watch for details of the program closer to the event.




$100M Seed Fund for New Entrepeneurs  

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) announced that they will be providing $100M in seed money for five new venture capital funds across the nation.  The funding is focused on supporting seed stage Canadian companies in the commercialization of research.  


New EEDC Director of Cluster Strategies Unit

The Edmonton Economic Development Corporation announced that effective November 4th, Lori Schmidt replaced Darcy Wiltse as the Director of the Cluster Strategies Unit.  


Manning Innovation Awards 2006

Do you know someone who deserves to get a Manning award?  Well hurry up and nominate them!  The deadline for the 2006 competition is December 1, 2005.


New Alberta Appointees to the Scientific Advisory Council 

Congratulations to Gerry Protti, Executive VP for Encana, and Dr. Indira V. Samarasekera, President of the University of Alberta, on their recent appointment to the Prime Minister's Advisory Council on Science & Technology.  They will be helping the PMO in assessing the state of research and innovation in Canada.


Sixteen New Canada Research Chairs for Alberta

On November 10th, the federal government announced that they would be giving Alberta $11.6M to fund new Canada Research Chairs, along with $1.4M to support research infrastructure through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).  


New Acting President & CEO at Climate Change Central

Simon Knight has taken over the helm of Climate Change Central since Allan Amey left to join the federal Climate Fund Agency on November 14th.  Climate Change Central is a private-public partnership organization dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Province of Alberta by promoting innovative solutions to global climate change. 


Doing Business with the Government Just Got Easier

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME), part of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), recently launched this website dedicated to helping SME's navigate the labyrinth surrounding procurement of government contracts.  


Moving R&D to Alberta

Lured by the expertise and sophisticated testing infrastructure provided by TRLabs, Optimum Communications Services Inc. is moving its headquarters and R&D division from California to Calgary.  The company is developing an Intelligent Transportation NetworkTM (ITN), and will be making extensive use of the advanced network research capabilities of TRnet, the extremely high speed (10 GB/s) optical network connecting TRLabs facilities in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.  


Alberta Funds 1,062 New Post-Secondary Spaces

The government of Alberta just announced a $10M boost to the post-secondary education system in the Province.  This is the first step by the Ministry of Advanced Education to meet their target of creating 15,000 new spaces in higher education facilities over the next 3 years.  The money will be divvied out to institutions through the Access Growth Fund.  An additional $1.7M will be targeted toward distance and online learning programs.


US Innovation Survey 2005

The Council of Competitiveness in the United States has released the results of their National Innovation Survey.  They suggest that while confidence in innovation on the national stage is somewhat hesitant, hopes are very high for innovation on the global scale.  


Grants for Short Term Research Visits

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Genetics Grants for Short-Term Research Visits are intended to enable developing or established researchers to spend up to three months in a specific location focusing on the acquisition of new concepts, knowledge, or techniques to broaden their research perspectives and skills. Deadlines are Oct 1, 2005; Feb 1, 2006; and June 1, 2006.



Careers magazine and job search site for professional scientists.  Very high level executive and academic job postings.  For example, Carlton University is currently seeking applicants for a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics, while the University of Winnipeg is looking for a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Genomics.


Industry Canada Job Site

The Industry Canada Job Site provides links to hundreds of general employment positions, public service positions, and several student and internship programs.


Eindhoven Center for Innovation Studies

Seeking a PhD student in their Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC), Department of Technology Management.


Senior Manager, Agrivalue Processing Incubator

The Processing Development Division of the Government of Alberta is seeking a candidate to fill this position.  They're hoping to that applicants will have "extensive contacts developed within the manufacturing industry, research institutes, universities, industry associations, government agencies and suppliers."


Board Member, Edmonton Capital Health Region

The Alberta Minister of Health and Wellness is seeking candidates to fill this position.  Nominations must be received by November 30, 2005.


Director, Planning and Performance Measurement

Alberta Restructuring and Government Efficiency is looking for a Director to help them achieve their goals of fostering innovation in technology and government services.  Competition closes November 25, 2005.


Policy Advisor, Alberta Finance

So you think you know how Alberta should manage its finances?  We need you!  Please apply before November 25, 2005.

This site provides links to jobs under specific categories including Information Technology, Science & Biotech, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and more.




"There is little that bureaucrats hate more than innovation, especially innovation that produces better results than the old routines. Improvements always make those at the top of the heap look inept. Who enjoys appearing inept? Frank Herbert






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